Nicolae Constantinescu
Educations and competence

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  • 1997 Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - University of Craiova, Romania

  • 1998 Master in Artificial Intelligence, The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sience, University of Craiova; title of my master thesis: Parallel computing in Artificial Inteligence

  • 2006 PhD in Mathematics, thesis title Optimization of Parallel Algorithms and cryptographic applications, supervisor Prof. univ. dr. Ion Vaduva

Aptitude for domains

  • numerically analysis of pseudorandom numerical generators

  • nonlinear analysis systems for secret key discovery in long encrypted data - cryptanalysis

  • One-way functions. Elliptic curves. DLP. ECDLP

  • Authentication protocols

  • Information Security

  • Coding and Compression

Last update: 18 nov 2013